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November 13, 2011

Do You Fear Dying?

This was on my mind today, and I thought about it. Do you have an unnatural fear about dying? I think about it more now that I am getting older, most certainly. I don't think that my thoughts are unnatural, for we all come to terms that death is a natural part of life. I think more along the lines of how it will affect the lives of those left behind. Dying is the easy part. Sometimes my thoughts about something happening to one of my kids could be alittle out there, I think, after losing my brother at such an early age, compounded with my fear of "not trusting this crazy world". I don't know what else to say about that one, I can take that one over to the OCD level. I have to be careful with that one. The Bible tells us not to fear death, and I know the end result of the journey is worth it. We are not of this world, or from this world, so we don't expect to stay in this world.

I guess I have always been that way with my children. I have only meant to protect them and shelter them. Having grown up with a family of law enforcement, reality about the dangers of this world were real! Real stories,. real victims, real crime scenes... something you don't easily forget. It doesn't help either when you are street smart, and know what time it is.

I need to give this to God, I can't control it, and I can take responsibility for my role in this scenario. I can continuously pray for their safety, wisdom, strength and guidance, and above all else, the Intelligence to know to whom to go to when the troubles come, God.... for they are coming.

One of the greatest gifts that I was ever told that is this, "We as Christians have the power given to us by Jesus Christ our Lord to command the enemy to flee from us! He must flee! Oh trust me, He will be back, but you have that power!

Penny for your thoughts.

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