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June 23, 2009

Fort Eustis History

Fort Eustis History

Monday- Our last day on vacation.

Wanted to spend the last day of vacation at the beach. Drove again to the beach, but a storm must have been brewing because it was really rough.... Left and went back to the hotel to the pool. Finished up the laundry and packed..... Hit the restaurant and bar later that night and had a great time........Tired of spending money, I know that much.

Sunday- Father's Day

This morning we woke up and gave Daddy his gifts....and planned to spend the day with the kids and we would go out alone for dinner that night. Went to the beach, but that really wasnt all that successful, it was too rough..... We did have a really nice dinner and spent some great time together.

June 20, 2009

Beach Today..... Saturday

We slept in till ten o clock this morning,  and casually got up and went to St. Pete's Beach. The weather was hot, and the water was like bath water. Got alot of sun today, actually everybody did. Came back to the hotel, and ate the rest of the pizza from last night.

Tommorrow is Father's Day and we are going to go to the beach, and then Anthony and I are going to spend time together going to dinner.

Three more days and we head home.....

Friday- Hollywood Park formally MGM Grand

Got up early this morning, and packed up the car.. Today we were off to Hollywood to meet
the stars! We walked around the park, the kids saw the Power Rangers, The characters from
the movie UP, Snow White, all the children's characters. It was again hot..... but we survived
the heat. After the Park, we headed to Tampa!
Arrived in Tampa about nine in the evening, and did about 4 loads of laundry! Went and got
some really good Chicago style pizza and after a stop at Walmart, headed on back to the
Tommorrow we are headed to St. Pete's beach for some more R and R........
Will write more tommorrow.

Thursday- Lagoon, and then Disney Market Place

We actually started out at Blizzard Park, a water park, but most of it were slides for big
kids. Lagoon actually had alot more for the smaller kids to do, plus Anthony loved the
scuba diving so much we left Blizzard, and went over there.....It was pretty hot, oh about
as hot as hell.... again! After spending the day into late afternoon in the park, it started
to pour!!!! Left the park and went to Disney Market Place and then Quest.... It was fun,
but I was ready to get back to the hotel room to rest! Long Day!

Well thats about it for today!

June 17, 2009

Wednesday- Magic Kingdom Vacation

Today we went to Magic Kingdom, it was about 94 degree's today.. Hotter than hell. We lasted until about 4:00 or so, then left to Go to Disney Quest, which is a three story interactive video game buildings.

Alexis had two large swollen glands on the back of her neck, which she said was really painful.
She had complained yesterday, that her chest hurt when she breathed. We ended up taking
her to the emergency room in Fla. She had a small case of Bronchitis... poor baby, but we got
her anti-biotics and she should feel better tommorrow. We went to dinner at Chili's and came
back to the hotel and watched Animal Planet.

Tommorrow we are going to either Blizzard Beach or the Lagoon again. We might go to the World Wide Sports as well.

Having a great vacation....
talk tommorrow

June 16, 2009

Today we went to Typhoon Lagoon

We had a blast today, way, way too much sun.... Anthony went snorkeling with
the fish and sharks today! I started to go until I found out that water was 68
degree's. It took my breath away, and I chickened out... Wasnt really all
that excited about the shark part, but was going to go with Anthony. He
really enjoyed it, he went about 3-4 times and took a bunch of pictures.
We really enjoyed the lazy lagoon, were you floated on the raft, I think
that we did that no less than 10 times...

It stormed here about 7 pm, right when we were at dinner. It amazes me
as much rain as this place gets, that the roads are as jacked up as they
are. lol. We were going to go to Disney Quest, an interactive gaming
thing but everyone was drained because of the sun. I think most
of us were in bed by nine.

June 15, 2009

We went to Animal Kingdom Today....

Well we got up early and went downstairs to the lobby for breakfast

and of course every one was starving... especially when you have

waffles, yogurt, cereal... etc...lol...

We went to Animal Kingdom which this was our first time visiting this

park, its kinda like the Busch Garden, Tampa but not quite as many rides.

We saw the musical "Finding Nemo." Elijah was cool with that, until the

shark came out.... He was trying to make a fast exit out of there.... Daddy

had to convince him many times that he wouldn't let anything happen to

him. It was nice to sit in the A/C because it was 94 degree's outside.

We went on a Safari in the Park, which was really cool.... Lots and lots of

animals from Africa. Elijah of course got his toys, a Dinosaur puzzle... very

cool.... Ali bought a hat and all the girl's got a dress..... We are all planning

on wearing them to the Lagoon tommorrow, where we will go swimming

with the sharks! Very cool....

Came back to the hotel after the park, and jumped in the pool and jacuzzi....

Now its bedtime, and Elijah is already knocked out.....

June 14, 2009

We made it on vacation

Well this morning was pretty hectic, but we made it. The weather is
gorgeous, and we went to the beach first thing when we got here. The
water was so clear and warm, I thought I was in the Islands. The kids
all had a good time. Tommorrow we are going to go to Animal Kingdom.
I have never been so it should be a blast! well i will write more after we
get back from the park.

June 13, 2009

Today's Kate's Big Day

In just a few hours Katelyn is taking a step in life, graduation. I know it

will be bitter-sweet. I have so many emotions about this.

June 12, 2009

Its Friday, two days before Vacation.

Well I finally finished running around, buying last minute things for the trip.
I dont know how, but I ended up at the mall and bought two dresses and a
pair of shorts.... Then it was off to the make-up store to replenish my lipsticks
and foundation.... I am glad I dont have to buy that all the time, It really
adds up! Thank God Anthony is a firm believer in beauty products, and nails
for I would never be able to afford me! LOL

Today is the kids last day of school, and so I know they will have a whole
bunch of stuff to bring home.

Katelyn is getting ready to go to the final practice for graduation. She is
then going out to dinner with a teacher and a few friends. I have told her
that she is going to have to quit calling her teacher Miss..... not on that level

Well I guess thats enough for now, will write later

June 11, 2009

Elijah's Field Day and Picnic at school

Today was a special day for Elijah, his class had field day and a picnic.
He was running all around, playing different games and having a great
time with his little friends. After Field Day, we had a picnic of hot dogs,
chips and cookies. Although it was hot outside, they had a blast and of
course I took 64 pictures and video taped it. I have posted all the photo's
on the family website. http://familylobby.com/pollardfamily
Enough for now, gotta run some errands for the trip.

June 10, 2009

Wednesday before vacation

Right in the middle of packing for our vacation, Anthony gets a call that his aunt passed away. We had just taken a visit to see her a couple of weeks ago, and knew this was coming, so it wasn't unexpected. She died of cancer. Not sure, if we will have to make an another trip down there or not. Anthony may end up going by himself, we have a very busy week at school and graduation.
Elijah has a school picnic and field day tommorrow at school, so I will be sure to take lots of pictures. Alexis is going to be helping Mrs. Wright, the teacher with all the kids.
Kate is frantically finishing up finals at school, stressing out about graduation and to top it off she lost her bank card! What a day.....
Well just a quick note to say hello, and I will write more later on when Its quiet.

June 9, 2009

Technorati Profile

Why is it so hard to get good customer service?

Today I am over it, I paid a bill off that went to my credit report and I had to call 6 different numbers and talked to four different people, to try and get a receipt. Then the jack ass tells me that they wont report it positive until the third of next month. I told him, "You didnt say you would take my payment on the third of next month." Finally, I hope, I got someone to help me. Still waiting for the emailed receipt as we speak.
Finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctors office for my cramps. Well I told the nurse pract. that I needed something for my cramps. She said she would call it in for me. I drive all the way across town and she did not send it correctly. So I called, and told the doctors office that I would come by and pick it up. She said she figured it out, and that it was there at the pharmacy. Mind you, I have already driven back to the office.
I proceed to drive my little butt once again across town to the pharmacy, wait in line for that. I pick up the prescription, and she called in Naproxen! I have plenty of anti-inflammatorys at home. Of course, the office was closed by this time.
I woke up this morning and called the doctor back, the nurse returns my call and tells me that "she is comfortable with the prescription she hadden written me, and that is should be good enough for the pain. Do you know how I wanted to climb through the phone? I told her that it was unacceptable, and she said she would call me back. Still waiting.....
Why is it that someone else thinks they know better? Why is it so damn hard to get good service, they have NO problem taking our mmoney.
Well I guess that is it for now.....

June 5, 2009

Getting ready for Vacation

Have less than a week before we leave for vacation, havent even pulled the suitcases down.... Better get a move on, I do not want to be scrambling at the last minute as usual. I dont know why I procrastinate? Drives me insane....lol

This is Kate's last week on school in high school. She wants me to come and get her early, lol... that child never wants to stay at school. So of course, I will.

Little kids are doing well, busy with TaeKwando, just finished soccer. Alexis is talking about summer gymnastics, we will see I can only be so many places at once...

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