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June 10, 2009

Wednesday before vacation

Right in the middle of packing for our vacation, Anthony gets a call that his aunt passed away. We had just taken a visit to see her a couple of weeks ago, and knew this was coming, so it wasn't unexpected. She died of cancer. Not sure, if we will have to make an another trip down there or not. Anthony may end up going by himself, we have a very busy week at school and graduation.
Elijah has a school picnic and field day tommorrow at school, so I will be sure to take lots of pictures. Alexis is going to be helping Mrs. Wright, the teacher with all the kids.
Kate is frantically finishing up finals at school, stressing out about graduation and to top it off she lost her bank card! What a day.....
Well just a quick note to say hello, and I will write more later on when Its quiet.

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