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June 17, 2009

Wednesday- Magic Kingdom Vacation

Today we went to Magic Kingdom, it was about 94 degree's today.. Hotter than hell. We lasted until about 4:00 or so, then left to Go to Disney Quest, which is a three story interactive video game buildings.

Alexis had two large swollen glands on the back of her neck, which she said was really painful.
She had complained yesterday, that her chest hurt when she breathed. We ended up taking
her to the emergency room in Fla. She had a small case of Bronchitis... poor baby, but we got
her anti-biotics and she should feel better tommorrow. We went to dinner at Chili's and came
back to the hotel and watched Animal Planet.

Tommorrow we are going to either Blizzard Beach or the Lagoon again. We might go to the World Wide Sports as well.

Having a great vacation....
talk tommorrow

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