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June 16, 2010

Elijah's Modeling "Gig" ....

I had always wondered what happened during a modeling "shoot", well Ej went on his first one today! This assignment was relatively easy I assumed, it was for a swim wear/ pool product company. The photographer and production staff flew out from California, and were spending a week out here to photograph various models of all ages. The girls were photographed in the morning, and the little boys followed up in the afternoon! Boy, were they shocked! The girls were sweet and orderly, and the boys were busy and rowdy!

Talk about stress and pressure! Oh my, this company was paying these children over one hundred and something dollars an hour, so of course, every little thing he did, I was busy in the background shaking my head, telling him no, and constantly saying pay attention, listen! I am exhausted! Ej had a great time, splashing in the water, swimming, playing with the product toys, and to top it off he cashed in on our bribe of Pokemon cards and Bakkugans!

I don't really know if I am good with this, it was a lot of pressure on the kids to be little adults. Ej missed school today, including his awards ceremony. I thought about it today as he was playing, and I was stressing.... sometimes it's okay just to be a kid!

I have no idea what the client told our agency, I know that they thought Ej's pictures were good, they did say that.... but it will be very interesting! I will let you know, as soon as I find out!

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  1. this is the very awesome and nice looking pictures and trully I agree with this really such a cute.


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