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February 13, 2012

Sometimes You Just Wonder....

With the swirl in the news surrounding Whitney Houston's death, you can't help think I wonder if all the people that are coming out of the wood works now after she is gone, were there to support her when she was at the height of her addiction. I know first hand that addiction is a dangerous, isolating, lonely place to be in. It is past the "social" status of when you used to get high with your friends, as a "social" event if I may. No, when your addicted to something, it is hardly a time to be social, your supply is limited enough for you, much less sharing with someone else. The old saying, "One pill is too many, but a thousand is never enough." Your at peace now, Whitney, see you on the other side.

February 12, 2012

Such a Peaceful Place!

I am in such a good place right now, and I know it is because of my walk with Jesus! Before, I was always frustrated, sad for no apparent reason, and since I have committed my life to the Lord, it is amazing! I am happy, and with so much peace in my soul! The fears that I have, are being dealt with and eliminated one by one! It was so easy to obtain this lifestyle. God loves us so much, and with repentance it is available to anyone who believe that He is, who He says He is! If you don't know Jesus, I would love to pray with you, introduce Him to you! You can email me privately, pollardtl@cox.net.

I have so much to share about Him.

In His Love,

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