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October 14, 2011

It has been so long...

I can't believe how times flys, and the fact that I havent written in so long. So much is happening, I think too much. Yesterday I woke up and had tightness in my chest, and my blood pressure went up to 160/90 which is crazy, especially when my blood pressure is realy low, like 110 over whatever. Too much doing, I am PTA President at the Middle School, Vice President at the Elementary School, running five days a week between soccer and karate, as well as track, so I am tired. I can't forget that I am a full time student at Liberty University, no wonder I am struggling. I know I have to let something go.

The kids are all doing great, Alexis is in 7th grade already and Ej is in 3rd! No more babies thats for sure. They both excel at school which is a good thing.

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Guess that is all for now.

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