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November 13, 2011

Do You Fear Dying?

This was on my mind today, and I thought about it. Do you have an unnatural fear about dying? I think about it more now that I am getting older, most certainly. I don't think that my thoughts are unnatural, for we all come to terms that death is a natural part of life. I think more along the lines of how it will affect the lives of those left behind. Dying is the easy part. Sometimes my thoughts about something happening to one of my kids could be alittle out there, I think, after losing my brother at such an early age, compounded with my fear of "not trusting this crazy world". I don't know what else to say about that one, I can take that one over to the OCD level. I have to be careful with that one. The Bible tells us not to fear death, and I know the end result of the journey is worth it. We are not of this world, or from this world, so we don't expect to stay in this world.

I guess I have always been that way with my children. I have only meant to protect them and shelter them. Having grown up with a family of law enforcement, reality about the dangers of this world were real! Real stories,. real victims, real crime scenes... something you don't easily forget. It doesn't help either when you are street smart, and know what time it is.

I need to give this to God, I can't control it, and I can take responsibility for my role in this scenario. I can continuously pray for their safety, wisdom, strength and guidance, and above all else, the Intelligence to know to whom to go to when the troubles come, God.... for they are coming.

One of the greatest gifts that I was ever told that is this, "We as Christians have the power given to us by Jesus Christ our Lord to command the enemy to flee from us! He must flee! Oh trust me, He will be back, but you have that power!

Penny for your thoughts.

October 14, 2011

It has been so long...

I can't believe how times flys, and the fact that I havent written in so long. So much is happening, I think too much. Yesterday I woke up and had tightness in my chest, and my blood pressure went up to 160/90 which is crazy, especially when my blood pressure is realy low, like 110 over whatever. Too much doing, I am PTA President at the Middle School, Vice President at the Elementary School, running five days a week between soccer and karate, as well as track, so I am tired. I can't forget that I am a full time student at Liberty University, no wonder I am struggling. I know I have to let something go.

The kids are all doing great, Alexis is in 7th grade already and Ej is in 3rd! No more babies thats for sure. They both excel at school which is a good thing.

Please check out my other blogs, they need viewers and I would love for you to follow. http://thewordasilearnit.blogspot.com and http://eyesofareader.blogspot.com .

Guess that is all for now.

May 15, 2011

What If?

I just was having a passing thought that I am so blessed to know of Jesus. What if I lived in a country that didn't even know he was, or worse yet, knew who he was, and forbid us to love him? I can't imagine not having the freedom to read my Bible, and sadly, I must admit I was ashamed to read the Bible in public here in the US, for fear of what people would think?! Wow, who care's anyways? Those who give you a hard time about reading the Bible, are the one's we are commanded to share His Word with.

Now that I am a University student majoring in Biblical Studies, I must admit, I am missing something; something that I don't know how to obtain, but feel like God and I could be alot closer. Understand this, this is my fault. He is open, and willing, and standing there with His arms wide open. Is it satan holding me back, or is it me? Is it an addiction, or fear of having to do what my flesh doesn't want to do. Sounds to me like selfishness. It's funny it probably is selfishness, but I want so badly to have the relationship with Jesus. It sounds to me after reading this, that the problem is me, and what am I going to do about it. What if I change? I know I will have what I am looking for, love!
What If? What do you think?

April 8, 2011

US Government May Close Down

For the last couple of days I have been watching the news on this whole government shut-down. I had heard that the government had done this once before in 1995, although I don't remember for it did not affect me much apparently. This shut-down would be different, my husband is employed by the DOD, and although he has not been notified of a furlough yet, it is a possibility.

The message I am getting is that the dilemma is not over the actual monetary budget, but the issue on whether or not the government will continue to federally support Planned Parenthood. Interestingly enough, the federal government has never funded abortions, but a program called Title 10. Title 10 is screening for cancer, mammograms, and other preventive procedures for women.

It will really be sad if the US stops paying the troops, especially those that are deployed in combat zones. Please pray for America, and that the Leadership makes good decisions.

March 14, 2011

I would like to share my other blog.

I started a blog for all the book reviews that I do, and I would like your opinion. Please let me know what you think of it. http://eyesofareader.blogspot.com/. Your opinion is important to me, so please review. Thanks so much

February 14, 2011

Blessings of Life

Today is a very special day for my family, not only is it Valentines Day, but it is also my husband's and I anniversary. Another year for us growing as a family, this holds very special to me, as we live in a world where family is devalued, and dysfunction is of the norm! It seems with each passing generation, the existence of a two family home is a term not understood by most. While we are in no way a perfect family, we work very hard to show each other love, devotion, and appreciation.

I believe that our marriage is even more glorified, when we have God's blessing! He is still our biggest encourager when thinks sometimes "feel"easier, to go apart, than to stand up and fight for the family.I can't say that building a life and family foundation with someone is easy, but I do know that with God first, and two parties willing to put the investment and work in, its an absolutely amazing journey!

Take today to tell you loved one, how special they are, and how much you love them, not just today because its Valentine's Day, but because you have been given the greatest gift of all from God above, the gift of time, another day!

Peace and Blessings!

February 7, 2011

Alexis Suffered Her First Dog Bite!

I don't think that childhood would be the same if you hadn't suffered some sort of animal bite. Cat, Dog, bird something. Yesterday Alexis suffered hers! She and her Best Friend were outside playing when the dog approached growling, so the girls took off running! Needless to say, that probably made the dog more excited and he jumped on her, knocked her down, and bit her is three different places!

I really don't know which is worse, looking at Alexis all banged up, or telling her Daddy what had happened. I think the Daddy part was the worse! I am so thankful that the dog did not attack her face, for I would have been bailing him out of Jail! Happy to report that the owner, and the dog are still among the living!

Surprisingly, the dog was a Collie and some other mix. It must have been the other mix that engaged the dogs, for I know Collie's are one of the most docile, sweet dogs on the planet!

Thank Goodness that she has the love for little dogs, especially now, so that she will not be warped about the nature of dogs. I explained to her that animals have their own personalities, and likes and dislikes, so for what ever reason, this dog did not like Alexis.

I remember when Katelyn was a baby, my mother's Rottweiler hated Katelyn! We never let that dog anywhere near her, for the time he jumped at her through the glass of the sliding glass door, was enough for me!

Happy to report, no stitches, and the dog had all his shots including rabies, so no needles for Ali.

February 3, 2011

Did You Know You Can Download a Kindle Reader and Read the Books for Free?

I have a Kindle and absolutely LOVE it! I download books to it on a daily basis by going to Amazon. com and then search for the free Kindle Books. After I bought my kindle, I learned that you could download the reader on to your PC, Phone, IPAD all for nothing, So really I didn't have to buy a Kindle, even though I love the ability to take my Kindle with me.
My husband recently bought me an IPAD, which I love as well. I am able to access all my books on there too! To be honest, the normal paid price for a book on Kindle is around $9.99, but I have bought very little and have not spent much on books!

You can also access Google Books, as well for free. Google has a large selection of great books. If you go to search on your Kindle, you are able to access the Internet, and Kindle gives you your own email account with Kindle.

Just thought I would share.

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