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May 15, 2011

What If?

I just was having a passing thought that I am so blessed to know of Jesus. What if I lived in a country that didn't even know he was, or worse yet, knew who he was, and forbid us to love him? I can't imagine not having the freedom to read my Bible, and sadly, I must admit I was ashamed to read the Bible in public here in the US, for fear of what people would think?! Wow, who care's anyways? Those who give you a hard time about reading the Bible, are the one's we are commanded to share His Word with.

Now that I am a University student majoring in Biblical Studies, I must admit, I am missing something; something that I don't know how to obtain, but feel like God and I could be alot closer. Understand this, this is my fault. He is open, and willing, and standing there with His arms wide open. Is it satan holding me back, or is it me? Is it an addiction, or fear of having to do what my flesh doesn't want to do. Sounds to me like selfishness. It's funny it probably is selfishness, but I want so badly to have the relationship with Jesus. It sounds to me after reading this, that the problem is me, and what am I going to do about it. What if I change? I know I will have what I am looking for, love!
What If? What do you think?

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