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February 3, 2011

Did You Know You Can Download a Kindle Reader and Read the Books for Free?

I have a Kindle and absolutely LOVE it! I download books to it on a daily basis by going to Amazon. com and then search for the free Kindle Books. After I bought my kindle, I learned that you could download the reader on to your PC, Phone, IPAD all for nothing, So really I didn't have to buy a Kindle, even though I love the ability to take my Kindle with me.
My husband recently bought me an IPAD, which I love as well. I am able to access all my books on there too! To be honest, the normal paid price for a book on Kindle is around $9.99, but I have bought very little and have not spent much on books!

You can also access Google Books, as well for free. Google has a large selection of great books. If you go to search on your Kindle, you are able to access the Internet, and Kindle gives you your own email account with Kindle.

Just thought I would share.

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