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June 16, 2009

Today we went to Typhoon Lagoon

We had a blast today, way, way too much sun.... Anthony went snorkeling with
the fish and sharks today! I started to go until I found out that water was 68
degree's. It took my breath away, and I chickened out... Wasnt really all
that excited about the shark part, but was going to go with Anthony. He
really enjoyed it, he went about 3-4 times and took a bunch of pictures.
We really enjoyed the lazy lagoon, were you floated on the raft, I think
that we did that no less than 10 times...

It stormed here about 7 pm, right when we were at dinner. It amazes me
as much rain as this place gets, that the roads are as jacked up as they
are. lol. We were going to go to Disney Quest, an interactive gaming
thing but everyone was drained because of the sun. I think most
of us were in bed by nine.

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