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June 12, 2009

Its Friday, two days before Vacation.

Well I finally finished running around, buying last minute things for the trip.
I dont know how, but I ended up at the mall and bought two dresses and a
pair of shorts.... Then it was off to the make-up store to replenish my lipsticks
and foundation.... I am glad I dont have to buy that all the time, It really
adds up! Thank God Anthony is a firm believer in beauty products, and nails
for I would never be able to afford me! LOL

Today is the kids last day of school, and so I know they will have a whole
bunch of stuff to bring home.

Katelyn is getting ready to go to the final practice for graduation. She is
then going out to dinner with a teacher and a few friends. I have told her
that she is going to have to quit calling her teacher Miss..... not on that level

Well I guess thats enough for now, will write later

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