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November 1, 2010

Momology: A Mom's Guide to Shaping Great Kids Book Review

     I love great books, and read a lot, so when I find a great book, I have to share! As a mom to five, I learned fairly early, that in order to have some sort of Peace, there had to be sort of order! I know this sounds militant, but really, with five kids you almost have to be, organizational wise that is.....The author breaks down her book in sections, using practical examples and experience on mastering "momhood". The author starts with the key term "resilience" and teaching our children that no matter what the situation is, or circumstances are that they are still "good" even when bad things happen. Secondly, that children are taught through self-awareness that they are important and valuable to someone who cares for them, and third, that there is meaning to life that is bigger, and greater than we, and now.

     The author, Shelly Radic shares that the core to being a great mom starts within us, sharing idea's for how to get to know ourselves, realizing and working with our strengths and weaknesses, taking the finesse to "fine tune" ourselves so that we can build our child.

     A big section of the book is entitled "Circles" regarding building a support system of other's around us, networking, building good and healthy girlfriends, continuing on throughout life with our husbands.
Shelly Radic is witty, funny, and uses practical examples dealing with "real issues". Her book is easy to read, and suited for all ages and stages of women.


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