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November 17, 2010

Healing the Spirit

     I was flipping through pages on the Internet, (yes, you can do that, lol) and typed in my brother's name to see what came up. I do have a couple websites in memory of him, but I pulled up a website, called Healing the Spirit.org http://www.healingthespirit.org/donor-listing.php#top

     Daniel was a donor after he died, and this list listed him, as well as so many others. Click the Link, and see what a humbling experience.

     Life is full of ups and down, but God said the storms will not last long! Trials come to make you strong, and I know that he will turn all the hurts, pain, and ugliness into something Good for his purpose.
I am hanging on to this promise, because otherwise I can't see it..... Dan RIP


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