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July 16, 2009

Taking Kate to Orientation for School

Well today is the day we leave to take Kate to school. She is going to
get her schedule, follow up w/financial aid, see the school dorms, and
everything to wrap it up. She is excited, and I guess I am for her. It is
always difficult for me when one of my children, "leave the nest."

You wonder as a mother, did I tell her everything that I should have
to keep her safe? Is she going to use the common sense, that I drilled
into her over the years about locking doors, not putting her drink down,
walking after its dark, and on and on........ I sure hope so......

I hope she makes good choices, and manages her money well. She will
still have my support, and I will over see her finances, but this is it for
her. I am only going to do this her first year, next year she will manage
it all.

I hope that I have instilled good values for her, and I especially hope
that I have planted the seed of belief in God and faith. Lord knows
there will be time when that is all that will pull her through...

I love my daughter, but now its time to let go.....

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