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July 21, 2009

Beginning of the Week.....

Well as you know, we still have a full house. Katelyn is, I am sure of it, preparing to pack up for her college dorm. The little one's and I are going to register for soccer today. Alexis has played on the same coach's team for the last three to four seasons. For youth soccer, this coach is awesome. She played soccer in school, and has taught all of the players several positions. When Alexis is ready for high school, she will be ready to play, for they have been taught on a high school level for the last couple of years. The team only lost one game last year. We are excited!

On another note, the grand babies are here with us for the summer. It has been nice for the kids to be able to see each other, and play together.

Well got to get the day started, Kate and I are going to go to a few Thrift Stores today, a big garage sale! What fun to find bargains.......
Talk to you later...

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