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July 31, 2009

Today I had to take Elijah to the Dentist.

Elijah had to go to the dentist today, they found a cavity growing on the side of his tooth, where the gum line hid it. He had to have it pulled. I was really worried that he would not do well, so in order to avoid a traumatic, I need therapy for life reaction; the dentist sedated him. He just sat in the chair, and actually fell asleep during the procedure. After that, we went to Chick Fillet, and got him a homemade milk shake, yum. A trip to Target in the toy section, helped him feel much better as well.

On another note, we picked up our RV tonight. It needs a transmission put in it but other than that, we will be ready to go... So excited about it...

Well I guess thats enough for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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