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July 25, 2009

The Movies tonight....

Anthony and I decided to get out of the house tonight, and take the kids to the movies. There was four of us, and we went to see the G Force, 3D disney.... well tickets for two adults and two kids, came to 46.00! We then went to the popcorn line, and bought two kids popcorns, and a med. soda and popcorn that Anthony and I shared, another 25.00, cant believe how expensive it was... So we watched four hampsters scurry around trying to save the world... in 3D... amazing. lol

I have decided to be more organized, because I can never find anything in my file cabinet when I need it, so I started scanning everything and their momma, so now I have disks labeled 1,2 etc.. with a list to note what is on each disk...wow.

Well getting ready to go to Facebook, check in later.

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