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April 11, 2010

Thank You God for my Praying Grandma!

I just turned forty (yes, 4-0), and I will tell you that I am just not feeling it. Something about the number I guess, but it puts you in a whole other generation. Anyways, I realized tonight, that as far back as I can possibly remember, my Nanny Interceded on my behalf, and covered me with her prayers!

I don't take lightly what she did for me growing up. She introduced and taught what "Unconventional" Love truly is. In her 87 years on this Earth, I always knew she loved Jesus, and couldn't wait to see him. Looking back as a child, I probably didn't even know that she was praying for me, but she did and continued to cover my children with her prayers as well!,

It is truly God's Grace and Mercy that kept me, but her prayer's sure did help! It takes a very special person to Intercede in prayer with another. She prayed even when she didn't feel like it, she would tell me, "Just keep pushing for it baby, if it is Gods will it will happen."

My Grandparents always took me to church, and I remember that Nanny knew everybody!!!! It was either her prayer group, or woman's group. It was such a wonderful experience, and to truly know that no matter what I did, she would never stopped loving me or interceding for me, and that's what Jesus has done for all of us!
Thank you God for giving me my Nanny! I miss you....

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