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March 10, 2010

Is it really March, already?

I cannot believe how fast this year is moving by! It is already Wednesday of this week. Katelyn is home for Spring break at school, and I am really enjoying her visit! Yesterday, she had two teeth pulled, but her company is great.

As you know, last week, was the week from Hell! It just seemed like I was completely stressed out the whole week. Thank goodness God had mercy on me, and let my bad week disappear, I just didnt know what i would do, lol.

Our Kindles arrived, Kate and I have been having soooooo much fun, they are truly awesome. What else is new? Alexis got accepted into the Magnet program. We applied, but havent really committed to her going as of yet, Long bus ride!

Well I guess that is it for now, talk soon.

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