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March 13, 2010

A pre-teen drama filled night!

Not only do we have an Awesome God, but he also has a brilliant sense of humor! Who would of ever imagined me with a house full of pre-teens,who were up late last night, and the first one's up this AM, around the seven am range! Five minutes later, I am still sitting in front of the computer, with my eyes closed!

Decided the girls were up for the day.... to make waffles... great when your not awake. Survived the Julia Child lesson from my daughter, and elected Captain of the KP Patrol!

Whew, my theory on this, is that I do not trust people with my kids! I would much rather have my kids invite the kids over here, so I know what they are doing! Hubby was not all that thrilled with my logic this weekend, for he was looking forward to relaxing! He will get over it!

Found a really great and free program from Pinsoft (google) that teaches HTML. It takes you step by step, love it and its free!

Going to put my latest book reviews up on the site, until then talk to you later.

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