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March 31, 2010

I worry about my son.....

My seventeen year old son has made some very poor choices in regards to staying out of trouble. First it was something minor, then it easily escalated to Felonies! Not just one, but several. Ever since he was little, he would talk about going into the military when he grew up, I don't think that will happen now. I will find out on Monday, how much time in the Juvenile Prison system he will get. K is looking at 12 to 24 months! The blessing in all this, is that K will get his GED and because he still is a Juvenile, he will be offered rehabilitation programs including vocational training. K is really good with his hands, and loves to fix stuff.

K lived with us until he was ten, and begged me to let him live with his dad! A very heartbreaking decision to be made, now it feels like that same decision being repeated over and over.... It is hard to explain, you want SO much for your child, and when they fall short its disheartening.

I am still blessed, I unlike so many others, still have my child here! I thank God every day for his Mercy and his Grace, in protecting my son,,,, K put himself in some really dangerous situations, only God..... only God...

Well I guess I have rambled, please pray that he walks with Jesus, the way he did when he was younger.......

The Promise of Morning Book Review

I haven't read a fiction book in a really long time, but I must tell you that this was a good book! The Promise of Morning is written by Ann Shorey, and is published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Now that you know were to find this book, I will share my thoughts with you. I love "settler" books, back in the 1800's, I guess because I just adored the "Little House on the Prairie" television show. If you were into that too, you are going to love this book!

The setting is in the 1840's in the Illinois frontier, with a family of Matthew Craig who is a pastor and his wife Ellie. Ellie is a unique character but with emotions and feelings, that are all too common in the 2010's. Even though the setting was in 1840's, the pain and loneliness that she goes through after burying three children. Ellie shares with us, what it is like for a mother to grieve the loss of her children, and the depth and despair about losing one's self along the way. While Ellie is facing these feelings, her young marriage is suffering as well, to include Matthew her husband; a young pastor finding out who he is and what he stands for. This is the second book in the series, "At Home in Beldon Grove."

To anyone who has lost, love, and grown through their situation will relate to Ellie and Matthews life in such a way that the same would apply to us today over 160 years ago!

Not going to be a spoiler, but I reccommend this book to anyone. The book not only covers relationships, marriage, family, settlers, but it also has another twist to the book that you have to check out for yourself. Let me know what you think.

Available March 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

March 16, 2010

Real with Myself

Got to tell ya, I want to share with you, my real feelings, and thoughts. I have been in a wierd "funk" for the last couple of weeks... I can't really explain where it came from, but it was almost like throwing a big, heavy tarp over me... I could see out, but really couldnt grasp or reach outside of this area, for it was such a heavy weight on me. Subconsciously, I knew something was not quite right. I was outside myself, felt differently towards my husband, felt almost bothered by him?! What in the world! I was having such a difficult time, believing him, following him as our leader of the family. It was almost like I fought against, everything he said. One thing I have learned through all this, is your thoughts are only your thoughts, some of them are not even realistic. (Thank you Jesus, for your Mercy and Grace on me, for only HE knew where I could of ended up, if I were judged on what I thought.) Thank you Jesus!

The last lesson out of this trial, was that what you say has a tremendous impact on another person, whether or not it is true or if you really meant it, if you say it, that other person receiving your words assumes it to be your truth and takes it too heart! For some unknown reason, I guess I could blame it on "anger", or really it was just shear meanness. I told my husband, who is my everything, that I was tired of "it", and the only reason I was still with him, was because of my kids! What? As soon as I said it, I knew I was in trouble. The look and pain on his face, ugh..... I immediately had an inner panic of the devastation I had caused... How was I going to fix this? As shameful as it is, you know even at that time, I didnt even take the thought or time to reach out to Jesus.... A perfect opportunity, but what it turned into was more devastation. I came to realize without Jesus in your life, and marriage, if two people stay together long enough, they will end up divorced. Mind you, I said that two people without Jesus in their life; will keep on hurting and tearing down the walls of your marriage, family. A panic overtakes you, God help me, I dont want to tear my family apart, devastate my kids...continue the curse of divorce among my generations.

Moving fast forward to this morning, I was getting ready to facilitate the bible study I lead on Tuesday morning. Imagine that, I am leading other ladies with all the burden I have put on myself and family, all because of my lack of initiative (not sure what else to call it, stupidity? ) to humble myself and reach out to God!

What was I possibly going to lead this morning? I had no energy and just felt exhausted! On the way there, I repented, and asked God to help me through this all. So much to say for a little five minute car ride, but after that, I felt the walls coming down.. Joy that I havent felt in awhile, at least the last two weeks anyways....

Bible study went well, you really cant go wrong with Beth Moore leading you..... well this is so long, I guess I am wondering, anyone else out there feeling like I did?

March 13, 2010

How to Reach Your Full Potential for God Book Review

I have been familiar with Charles Stanley since I was a little girl! My grandmother read his books, and watched his television shows. I admired the calmness and confidence of his teachings, and he adored his mother! LOL

This book "How to Reach Your Full Potential for God" explains to us, in his easy to understand method teaching that we are all here for a purpose, and that we are giving the tools that we need to fulfill his purpose. He also show us, if we draw near to God during this transformation, that God will teach us with stirred passion all that we need to know.

The first thing he ponders his readers, is by asking us, "Do you want God's best?
In his book, he gives clear concise chapters on what is necessary and in what order to take it. Some of the topics include getting ready: a clear mind and a clear heart.

Mr. Stanley's guidance in having a healthy body, balanced schedule and right relationships, puts us in a position to excel. I truly think this is a great book, and would recommend it to anyone interested.

A pre-teen drama filled night!

Not only do we have an Awesome God, but he also has a brilliant sense of humor! Who would of ever imagined me with a house full of pre-teens,who were up late last night, and the first one's up this AM, around the seven am range! Five minutes later, I am still sitting in front of the computer, with my eyes closed!

Decided the girls were up for the day.... to make waffles... great when your not awake. Survived the Julia Child lesson from my daughter, and elected Captain of the KP Patrol!

Whew, my theory on this, is that I do not trust people with my kids! I would much rather have my kids invite the kids over here, so I know what they are doing! Hubby was not all that thrilled with my logic this weekend, for he was looking forward to relaxing! He will get over it!

Found a really great and free program from Pinsoft (google) that teaches HTML. It takes you step by step, love it and its free!

Going to put my latest book reviews up on the site, until then talk to you later.

March 10, 2010

Is it really March, already?

I cannot believe how fast this year is moving by! It is already Wednesday of this week. Katelyn is home for Spring break at school, and I am really enjoying her visit! Yesterday, she had two teeth pulled, but her company is great.

As you know, last week, was the week from Hell! It just seemed like I was completely stressed out the whole week. Thank goodness God had mercy on me, and let my bad week disappear, I just didnt know what i would do, lol.

Our Kindles arrived, Kate and I have been having soooooo much fun, they are truly awesome. What else is new? Alexis got accepted into the Magnet program. We applied, but havent really committed to her going as of yet, Long bus ride!

Well I guess that is it for now, talk soon.

March 4, 2010

Today has to be a better day than yesterday, Lets be real, What was going on?

I can honestly say so far 50 minutes into my new day was ALOT better than my whole day yesterday!~

Woke up yesterday am, with my husband and I not speaking, because of an argument the night before, something stupid I am sure, but once my mouth started running, not much was left after that. It is like an earthquake 8.0 magnitude on the scale, I guess that says enough. So put on the Black Eye Peas to start my day out..... Loudly....

Elijah and I went to the Law Library and had to copy at least 25 pages for this stupid Supreme Court Appeal! Can you say over it???????????????????????

One very exciting piece of news, I got my Kindle in the mail! Oh I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will even read to you out loud, so very cool. Well it snowed so the kids were out of school due to snow yesterday. Casual day for them I guess.

well I have alot to do today, will write more later.

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