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August 21, 2009

Book Review- Fearless by Max Lucado

The author starts the book explaining how this world is motivated and run by fear. He uses many examples of Jesus in the boat in the middle of the storms, to signify to us how if we let fear run our life through the trials we will paralyze ourselves. He goes on to talk about what is important to us as people, that we matter, and that we are worth something.

One of the chapters is title "Sinking Fast", and he referred to fear by describing Peter when he was caught in the storm on the boat. As long as Peter's eyes were fixed on the Lord, he was able to walk on water. Then fear set in and Peter took his eyes of the Lord, and started to sink. I know there has been times when I was focused on God, and then something would happen, a trial and I would get caught up within myself and the problem seemed to spiral out of control. I remember as a child when I would hear a noise outside, and let my imagination and fear take over. I would literally be in hysterics. Often times, as a child I would sleep with my bible and felt safe and secure.

Fear has the ability to paralyze us, utterly preventing us from making a next move if we let it. Even though our fears are real, and litterally are a possibility, not putting our trust in the Lord will allow them to grow, and hold us back from living the life that we are suppose too. The author told of a story when he was a small boy, of riding in his fathers lap while the father drove the car. I remember doing that with my parents as well, like the author I was never concerned about wrecking the car, or going into a ditch because I knew I was under the guidance and protection from my parent. Jesus is literally that parent, if we put our trust in him to guide us like we are driving the car, we will be able to enjoy the journey.

Overall, this was a very good book with actual suggestions on how to put away the fear, putting our trust in the Lord and living our life. I recommend this book to anyone who battles this demon of fear.

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  1. I like Max Lucado's Books.. I have read a couple of his books...


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